$300,000 for RNC fashion: Who’s the elitist again?


  1. Andy Fragen said:

    Jake, She’s rich in her own right and 90+% of that dollar amount is jewelry. If you want to rag on her for a $4000 dress and $600 shoes go ahead but for the watch, earrings and necklace….

    Besides, I wasn’t aware dressing expensively was elitist, I was under the impression it was about attitude, not attire.

    September 20, 2008
  2. Jake Savin said:

    Dude, I’m talking about the hypocracy of calling Obama elitist, when he was raised by a single mom, and here Palin is with her ultra-high-brow outfit (in contrast to Obama’s wife), and McCain with his however-many-houses.

    Seriously Andy, you like her for VP? I mean she may be sexy, but seriously — you think she’s qualified to take over as Chief Executive? Personally I think she’s barely qualified for her current job.

    September 24, 2008
  3. Andy Fragen said:

    Sorry, missed your point, though I believe the reference to Obama being elitist is not an economic elitist but an academic elitist. Misses the mark in any event but I think the comparison then between Cindy McCain’s money is comparing apples to oranges. Palin’s hot. You don’t want to see her on TV all the time. 🙂

    No seriously under-qualified, but then I’m not sure what sort of qualifications any of the current crop bring. Personally, I think they’re all under-qualified. Last actual qualified person to run was probably Perot.

    September 24, 2008
  4. Jake Savin said:

    Ah well — that’s the heart of the matter: “Palin’s hot”. I guess that means she can wear as much expensive stuff as she wants.

    I’m not sure I agree with you on Perot, but that argument would be academic in any case. What I’m pretty sure of is that Obama and Biden would probably be more careful with their work and with our country, regardless of inexperience (or even maybe because of it) than McCain and Palin would be.

    The more paranoid voice in my head tells me that McCain and Palin would be happy to say anything to get elected, and then just do whatever they want. This would tend to be supported by the fact that Palin has done only two TV interviews since hernomination, whereas Biden has done something like 40.

    Anyway… I’m an Obama man. A couple years ago I might have supported McCain as a representative for a real divergence from the Bush/Cheney show, but the more I watch, the more McCain/Palin look like Bush/Cheney.

    September 24, 2008
  5. Jake Savin said:

    Last thing: So what if Obama were an academic elitist. I don’t think he is — but I’d still support him, maybe even because of it. I want the smartest person we can find to be President. I want him/her to aspire to raising our nation up as the smartest, best educated, highest caliber achievers in the world. We’re up for it — but for years (or decades) we’ve been a nation filled with youthful victims of diminished expectation.

    September 24, 2008
  6. Andy Fragen said:

    I don’t really care if Obama were an academic elitist. I think the whole elitist argument on either/both sides is specious. I’d much rather have street smarts. As I’ve said before, “you can’t teach common sense.”

    I’d probably vote for Obama except that I’m not sure there’s a single policy position of his that I agree with. 😉 Truthfully, I have more in common with Ron Paul.

    BTW, arguably the “smartest” person ever to be President was Jimmy Carter, degree in Nuclear Physics from Annapolis. Not sure he makes an effective case for the position.

    Besides, I think McCain’s latest stunt “suspending his campaign” is tantamount to political suicide. Who is advising him?

    September 25, 2008

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