Month: <span>June 2009</span>


Dave Winer:

“But the thing that strikes me as weirdest of all is that after years of insisting that people only use their real names on Facebook, they’ve now set up a system where it will be virtually impossible for most people to do that, even if they want to.”

Oh, geez. So I missed it by only 4 1/2 hours, and someone else already has the URL I would have wanted. I use jsavin as my “username” just about everywhere else in the world, except for at work, where I’m jakesav. I guess jakesavin will have to do. It worked here.

Turns out I also missed the boat on Shouldn’t have waited on that one until after I’d started a family. Seems to not be in use at the moment — maybe they’d sell it. After all lots of people need the money at the moment. Hmmm…