Instapaper and Manila Don’t Play Nice

The other night I was talking with Brent Simmons, and he told me that he’d tried to send my last post to Instapaper, and it didn’t work. The error message sucked, but clearly this requires action in any case.

Now the decision is whether to try to fix my template (or Manila itself), or to finally find a contemporary blog host. I have a machine that could be a home for a self-hosted WordPress blog, but do I really want the hassle of maintaining backups and all the other crap that goes along with self-hosting… anything, really?

Then again there are still a few other die-hards out there who are using Manila. If the fix were simple, it would be a nice gift for them. (And I still need to find a good ship vehicle for the work I did to get Manila working in Dave Winer’s OPML editor…)

Update: it turns out that Instapaper works just fine on my site if you use the browser bookmarklet, but it breaks if you use the API to save one of my posts. Still no idea why it’s broken.

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