Have you used The Old Reader?

Just tripped over The Old Reader in my referer logs. Has anybody played with it? Here’s how they describe themselves:

Welcome to The Old Reader, the ultimate social RSS reader. It’s just like the old google reader, only better. We’re in beta right now, but we’re constantly working on improvements and new features.

Not sure what “the ultimate social RSS reader” means.

It looks like it’s being built by a 3-person team, and they seem to have on the order of less than 10K users, but are growing. (And they have a blog.)

If they’re really serious about aligning their service with the (perhaps) ailing Google Reader, then they’re well positioned to win a lot of new users &emdash; enough new users to knock themselves off the air, unless they’re built to scale both their tech, and their income.

As many have said, running a centralized RSS reader is probably going to be enormously expensive for a large number of feeds and users.

I wish them luck!

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