Reader’s imminent demise: At least there are no zombies!

Syncpocalypse is upon us. It’s time to get our ducks in a row.

For your listening pleasure, here’s Jeff Beck’s Because We’ve Ended As Lovers
(That’s me playing bass with Revival, but it was a rehearsal so don’t sweat the details, Um’K?)

Google’s Tweet:

There are about 2,250 retweets at the time I’m writing this. Here’s the full thread on Twitter. There are many … um, not-so-nice comments there. (Of course what did we expect, right?)

More from Google:

Announcement on Reader Blog
Official announcement: A second spring of cleaning

Obligatory links:

Dave Winer: Googbye Google Reader
Brent Simmons: Google Reader Over And Out

Other coverage:

Mashable: Hey Google, We Still Love Reader (sweet, but misguided in my opinion)
The Verge: Google Reader to shut down July 1st
Tech Crunch: Google Closes The Book On Google Reader On July 1, …/a>
Google to axe Google Reader on July 1 as part of larger round of app closures
MarketingLand: Google To Close Google Reader On July 1


(PS. Oh wait! Google Reader was a zombie, right?)

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