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Gabe got to go for a gocart ride today. Woohoo, was that fun!!


DSC00360Cindy put up some new baby pictures yesterday.

He certainly is looking cuter and cuter all the time.

Oh, and Pete thinks he’s “chubbin’ out nicely”.


SaraAndBabyGabe_sm.jpg: Cindy’s mom, Sara spent about three weeks with us, helping with housework, cooking dinners, and covering for us when we needed a break. She (and we) took a bunch more pictures, and I’m overdue in sharing them… But better late than never.

Sara was a huge help. Sara, if you see this, thanks again!


GabeAndPapaSm: Gabriel arrived at 5:30PM PST today! Cindy and I are very tired, and very happy.

And I’m so proud of Cindy. Don’t ever underestimate this woman: She’s one strong, determined and courageous person. I’m so proud!

I just got done uploading a photo gallery here. More soon!