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Featuring the George W Bush Singers.
(From the SXSW 2005 Showcase.)

Are you working hard to put food on your family?

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Saturday evening I had a rehearsal with Willie Brown. This is a band I’ve done work with on-and-off for a little over a year. I did some pickup gigs with them in Oct 2004, and engineered their live album shortly after. Since then I’ve done a few pick-up gigs when their regular bassist has been unavailable for whatever reason. They’re good guys, and the gigs are always fun.

The album has been selling decently at shows since it was finished. By “decently”, I mean only that people like, it and a few get sold at almost every show. By no means do I mean that anyone is actually making money. After all, this is the music business…

The band has a new website (Flash-only at the moment, which I plan to help fix), and if you click around a bit, you’ll find both the recordings I did with the band, and the identity of their new bassist. &lt;wink/>