It’s harder than I thought…

…not writing about work. Or at least not writing about it here — not intermingling it with the rest of my life.

The thing is that I spend an awful lot of time doing it, talking about it, and thinking about it. When I’m not at work, I spend some precious moments with Cindy. When I’m not spending precious moments, I’m trying to unwind, relax, or sleep.

Writing about sleeping is probably not that interesting, and I’m pretty sure you don’t need to hear about a stranger’s lovey-dovey moments, so for this post at least, I’m going to stick with my own rules for this site, and just write about other stuff that’s going on with me at the moment.

I went to a jam session on Monday night at the Hole in the Wall. I really had a blast, and played the heck out of the first set. It’s funny — I knew I was loose before I even started playing, and that it would go well.

I guess it’s a self-confidence thing, but the reception I got was the best I’ve had since I started going to the jams again… Lots of compliments from other musicians, especially from bassists, whose opinion I feel more apt to respect than those of guitar players. (Just kidding… Not really…)

BB Campbell hosts the Monday night jams there, and he’s about as nice a host as there is. His thing is to make everyone feel like family, and I totally dig that. A welcoming scene is really important, especially at this level. In fact, that’s all that matters, at this level or any other. If people don’t feel welcome, they don’t come back.

On the wedding front, we (finally) got around to registering at a few places for gifts tonight. We really should have done it sooner if we actually expected to receive any gifts, but as they say, “better late than never.”

Also on the wedding front, I’m getting a bit behind on the favors. As you probably don’t remember, I’m making a DVD with a slideshow of pictures of the people who are coming to the wedding to support us, with special musical guests, The Beatles. The authoring is about 1/2 done, but then we have to burn the DVD-R’s, apply labels, and cram them into jewel cases. I’d say we’re at about 35% on this project.

More wedding stuff: We successfully bought the dress, and rented the tux, but at these are ancient history at this point.

Even more wedding stuff: We still have to send revisions of the ceremony text to the Justice of the Peace who’s performing the ceremony. Even more pressing, we haven’t written the text of our vows yet. Cindy and I both (I think) know in our hearts what needs to be said, but we need to hunker down and take the effort to put our feelings into words.

In the meantime, mom was just in town for the weekend. We were glad to see her, and I think we all had a good time. It was especially nice to see that she’s excited about the wedding, and for her to have a chance to spend some time with Cindy again before the knot gets tied. She even talked to Cindy’s mom on the phone.

Dad’s away in the Northwest, visiting houses and people. Next time I have a chance, I really should go visit my brother and his daughter.

My buddy Dave is in Germany doing music the “real” way. Too many other friends are too far away… But with so much to do, when should I go see them? After the wedding I suppose.

One last thing: Vote Kerry (a.k.a. “not Bush”)

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