Tuesday, December 28, 1999

  • I just posted a new picture on Sally’s website. I really need to get a digital camera so I don’t have to scan the big pieces in sections, to be edited together. At Sonic, I used to have access to a really big scanner, but now I’ve only got an 8.5″x11″.
  • I heard today on NPR that the New Years Eve festivities at the Space Needle in Seattle have been cancelled. Here’s the story on CNN.
  • I’m working on getting Macworld.com running as a Manila site.
  • I’ve been getting pretty sick of the financial folks at Sonic. I left there the day before Thanksgiving, and I have 90 days to exercise my stock options. At my exit interview, they misrepresented the number of options I have vested, and now I’ve been unable to get them to send me the information I need in order to exercise them. It’s been almost two weeks, and I’ve emailed repeatedly to no avail. I’ve already missed one opportunity to double my money, and I expect there will be at least one more before they dry up. Anyone have experience here? I’ve heard from some friends that it can be incredibly difficult to get a former employer to cooperate when dealing with stock options…
  • It’s Sally’s Birthday today!
  • It seems as though I’m coming down with something. My sinuses are irritated, and my nose is running. Gee, I wonder who I got that from…
  • We’re back in green-screen colors. You like? (I always did think the green-on-black look was easy to read.)

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