Tuesday, January 25, 2000

  • Now I’ve got form-elements for editing scalar values (except for binary objects) right inside the table-renderer. I can modify all my directives right there. The todo list is growing, though. I’m going to need to be aple to edit things inside tables whose names start with the # character. I also need to be able to edit outlines…
  • I’m domain surfing again. Yeesch! This is addictive!
  • News from work: I’ve got a table-renderer I’m working on that acts like a filesystem browser (with many exceptions). It’s going to be my interface to the Macworld website, and it’s going to allow me to do many of the things that ETP does, but in a heirarchical, and object-oriented fashion.
  • As a side-note, does Userland realize how much Frontier functionality they are obscuring by placing Manila stories, homepages and DG messages in one flat database with no field extensibility?

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