Help! How do I do this with Mozilla?

After much pouring over documentation at, reading of sourcecode, and experimentation, I have one large and lingering question, the answer to which would let me put a Manila menu in Mozilla’s menubar:

How do I access the Mozilla app’s object model, using JavaScript living in one of two places:

  • In an HTML document on a remote server
  • In a XUL file on a remote server

If I had a way to access to the top node in the application’s menubar, that would be ideal.

I’m guessing that the answer is likely simple: Either it’s not possible, or it’s easy.

The single stipulation is that I don’t want to force users to install or modify any file in their Mozilla directory on their own machine. Nor do I want to force users to run an installer application that does the same.

I want the access to the object model to be transparent to end-users, and for it to happen on the fly. End-users shouldn’t have to understand anything about what Mozilla looks like in their local filesystem, or otherwise.

Are there any Mozilla gurus out there who have possible answers to my question? I’d be forever grateful!

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