LowEndMac: The Macintosh – a.k.a. Macintosh 128K

The Macintosh 128K is LowEndMac’s Mac of the Week

“[It] had twice as much memory as the popular Commodore 64, put 2.5 times as much data on a disk as the IBM PC’s single-sided 5.25″ disk, included two serial ports (one which could be used for networking at the incredible speed of 230.4 kbps), and a totally graphical operating system, all packed into the cutest, friendliest package the computer industry had yet seen.”

I actually bought one of these in 1991 from my college‘s computer lab. They were upgrading to Mac II’s at the time, and were dumping the machines for about $150. Soon after I got it, I had an upgrade installed that gave it 4MB of RAM, and a SCSI port, so I could hook up a real hard disk (40MB). I was still able to use it with System 7.5, and Frontier 5.0.1. At one point, I had my mom’s whole house wired up for networking through her in-house telephone lines, with hand-made “phone-net” boxes. ;): Smile!

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