Scripting News on Frontier 6.2

Selected quotes:

“Tomorrow, unless Murphy objects, we will ship Frontier 6.2.”

“This version will boot as EditThisPage-in-a-Box. A top level site where your users can create their own sites.”

“All sites come with free syndication features, and XML-RPC interfaces so you can hook them into your legacy apps and databases.”

“Frontier 6.2 is Europe-friendly, even if your users don’t speak English, or prefer to work in their native tongue.”

“And with 6.2, we’re going to launch our “Trial Window” program. You’ll be able to download and install a fully functional copy of 6.2 onto your server and use it for 60 days at no charge.”

“We want lots of people to experience the new power and ease of use of the Two-Way-Web, and we know of no better way to do that than Frontier 6.2.”

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