Month: <span>July 2000</span>

Today, UserLand shipped Radio UserLand 7.0b1. I’m proud to have been a part of the team that created it. Dave was right- we built it in record time, thanks to the power of the tools we used. I’ve never seen application development happen this fast.

It’s available for download here, and you can read all about it on the website.

In short, it’s your very own personal radio station, and you’re the program director.

But it’s more than that. You can share your playlist (not the music, just the list), and you can see the top 100 songs being listened to by all Radio UserLand users.

What’s more, it’s an outliner. Your playlist is an outline, so you can organize your music however you want. And the outliner isn’t just for organizing your music. You can use outlines for whatever you want, and you can share any outline by saving it to a www folder.

Yes, Radio UserLand is also a server!!!

And for all you geeks out there, it speaks XML-RPC and SOAP too.

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Napster has been issued a temporary stay on the temporary injunction which would have forced it to shut down its servers.

AP: “A federal appeals court panel has granted
Napster a stay allowing the music trading service to stay online at
least temporarily.

“A federal judge had ordered Napster earlier this week to stop
its business of helping people share copyrighted music for free
over the Internet. That preliminary injunction was supposed to have
gone into effect at midnight, Pacific time.”

Lisa M. Bowman, ZDNet News: “Appeals court says don’t stop the music on Napster

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Napster Inc.’s motion to stay a judge’s ruling that could have effectively shut down the song-sharing site. Details to follow.”

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Thundergod’s account of their concert at the Chicago Rockfest on July 22nd:

“And if we were jaded when we took the stage, it’s just plain upsetting now to learn that they refused to pay us today because of what we said up there.

“We can live without the five grand. What sucks is feeling that you have to kiss corporate ass to expose your music to people. We could have gone up there and sung a bunch of lyrics about gay-bashing and that would have been fine. That we made fun of Oldsmobile earns us a penalty? Something’s wrong with that.”

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