Wimbledon Millennium Championships

I’m generally not a big sports fan.

I was never very good at most athletic sports myself. I’m too small to play football or basketball. Wressling is too agressive for me. Softball is fun, but I never was a very good batter. I played on a soccer team for a couple of seasons in grade school, and we even won the county championship one of those seasons, but that was largely due to the fact that we had one player on our team, Perry, who developed early, and was much faster and stronger than most other kids in the league.

I think that my lack of interest in watching most sports comes from the fact that I never got very good at any of them, aside from bowling and 8-ball — and those arren’t very athletic, are they?

But I always liked to watch tennis. Singles tennis in particular. It’s a very suspenseful game, when played well. A whole match can be made or broken on the outcome of a single game, or even a single service. When a match is close, and players are winning or losing break points, it builds the suspense even more.

On the other hand, there aren’t many things more boring than watching a bad tennis match. ;): Smile!

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