Harvey Reid on MP3

Harvey Reid is an accoustic musician with his own record label, Woodpecker Records. In his essay on MP3, he writes:

“By pretending to be fearful of MP3, the industry will draw people to it, and have a way to get people to accept it. I see washed-out rock stars who are getting no commercial airplay now (like Billy Idol) jumping all over this, as a way to get press and exposure. Remember that AT&T owns Warner Communications and a lot of the cable companies that offer the digital pipes into your house, and every month there is another huge merger of telecommunications giants. This means that the companies that own the record companies that are complaining about MP3 may well be the same companies that are going to sell you your internet service where you get the MP3 files, and they own the radio and TV stations where you hear about new artists, so they will steer you toward the same group of mega-artists you have been hearing on the radio and seeing in the record stores. MP3 may not remain a fringe or “outlaw” technology for long at all.”

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