What happened to this site?

Well, last night, I got an email from the Senior Corporate Counsel for Yahoo!, asking that I give her a call. She told me that Jahoo! was confusing Yahoo! users, and that the site was possibly infringing the Yahoo! trademark, and had the potential to damage their brand. They had received an email from a user in Germany with a link to the site.

She explained that since the site had a potential commercial use – the links go to real websites, the search weblogs box worked, and there was a link for creating a new free website on EditThisPage.com – that the site couldn’t be legally considered a parody, and therefore could not be protected under the parody clauses of the Copyright Act.

To her credit, she was very nice about the whole thing, and since I’m really not very invested in the site anyway, I agreed to take it down until I changed the graphics. After all, it hadn’t been updated since January 22nd.

Oh well. No time to do the graphics for now, so I’ll be leaving it offline for the moment.

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