Month: <span>August 2000</span>

“Norwegian divers have found that a Russian nuclear submarine lying on the bottom of the Barents Sea is flooded, and an official says there’s no chance of finding any survivors.

“Norwegian spokesman Captain Rune Fredheim said that meant the rescue effort was over at the site north of the Arctic Circle.

“‘The divers have determined that the submarine is full of water. That is sad,” he said Monday.'”

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“MURMANSK, Russia — Norwegian rescuers today said the escape hatch on the crippled Russian submarine Kursk could be removed, contradicting earlier reports that the hatch had sustained extensive damage.

“John Espen Lien of the Norwegian Armed Forces offered hope that the international rescue teams could gain entry to the stricken nuclear submarine with its 118 crew members.”

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…is beautiful:

Twilight at Jake's: Twilight is beautiful at my house...

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