10/1/2001; 2:16:20 PM

Oh…My…God! I’m a bed webber!
2:39:23 PM  

Brent: “I was looking for a serious speed boost with 10.1, and I got it.”
2:37:15 PM  

David Coursey: Yo, Windows users! Please take a look at Mac OS X.1.
2:36:25 PM  

Henry Porter: Nothing you have seen on television prepares you for it. [via Phillip Winn]
2:34:53 PM  

Ananova: US acts to limit terror lawsuits. “The fund will pay damages without the need to prove negligence to anyone who agrees to forego legal action…”
2:24:20 PM  

BBC: Baby bones in nuclear tests. “Bones were removed from thousands of dead babies without consent and used for nuclear weapons testing, a government agency admits.”
2:22:54 PM  

JD Lasica: “Hey, how come we never hear much about them canadians? They are awfully quiet for such a big country. I’ll bet something funny is going on up there.” There is! 😉
2:19:16 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: approbation.
2:16:20 PM  

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