Game 5, Baby!

Well, if you hadn’t already read it on Scripting News, I managed to buy two tickets for bleacher seats in left-field for Game 5 of the World Series. Thanks to David Honea of Farmers Insurance for not gouging me too badly. Seriously, he could have gotten quite a bit more money for these tickets, and he was very nice. This Giants fan is grateful!

There’s a possibility that I’ll also get to Game 3, but I don’t know yet whether that will happen. (Anyone have Game 4 tickets they don’t need?)

There have been some posts on various weblogs saying that Anaheim will sweep the series. Ahem — not likely. If anybody’s going to sweep it will be the Giants, and I’ll be rooting for them all the way even though it means I won’t get to Game 5. Time to eat the rally-monkey for breakfast folks!

And if there is a Game 5, any home runs from Anaheim that I happen to catch are going back on the field, thank you very much, but no thanks — you can keep ’em.

Oh, and I’ll bet $20 per home run that balls hit out by the Giants in anaheim will go in fans’ pockets. Any takers?… No?… I didn’t think so.