Got World Series tickets? Help a blogger out. :-)

Ok, here’s the deal…

A bunch of friends of mine and I are trying to score tickets to the World Series, but we’re trying to get through on the phone and we’re not sure it will be possible.

First, we’re not sure we can get through at all. I tried calling some of the numbers and they’re already busy hours ahead of when the tickets go on sale.

Second, there are only 7,000 tickets available. Chances are fairly good (or bad) that we’ll get through only to find that the games are all sold out.

So I have an offer — and I’m good for it. If you can find tickets, or if you have tickets that you can’t or don’t want to use, I’ll pay a substantial amount more than the “face-value” of the ticket price to go to these games. The more tickets the better. My goal is to get me and a few friends to all three games.

I don’t want to be too specific about money, but let’s just say that rates are negotiable. 😉

Send me email at