Month: <span>April 2003</span>

I just posted an RFC describing the user interface for Trackback in Manila. If you have any comments or questions, please post them to the manila-dev mail list.

(By the way, RFC stands for Request for Comment.)

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I’ve posted my to do list for the next few days on the manila-dev mail list. First on the list is to get Trackback integrated with Manila.

All the items on my list are on the path towards an improved user interface for News Items. I posted a mock-up of it on Friday night.

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This popped into my head today, from a special George Carlin did for HBO in the ’80’s called Carlin at Carnegie:

Have you ever been going through the fridge and come across something… that you cannot… identify… at all?… It defies all reason.


Could be meat…..

Could be cake.

At times like this, I bluff:

[shouts over shoulder] “Honey… Is this good?”

[whiny voice] “I don’t know — what is it?”

[pause, confused look]

“I don’t know….. It looks like….. MEATCAKE

[whiny voice] “It’s good! Put it back. Someone is saving it….. It’ll turn up in something.”

(That’s what frightens me.)

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