Must Read from Chris Lydon

Please read Chris Lydon’s long, but important post about important shifts in the Republican Party, which currently culminate in George W. Bush’s bid for re-election. Reference Norman Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, Pat Buchanan and various nearly-central players in the Watergate affair.

Here’s the crux of Lydon’s biscuit:

“Ronald Reagan’s ‘victory’ in the Cold War and his emergence as a hero in Russia and Eastern Europe doubtless inspired George Bush’s crazy dream of being seen someday as the ‘liberator’ of Arab Muslims. But Bush missed the point by a mile. Ronald Reagan never bombed Warsaw or Petersburg or Moscow. He’d have lost the Cold War if he had. And he would surely have cautioned George Bush: Well, son…you won’t win anything of value, even against Saddam Hussein, by bombing the Cradle of Civilization.

Again, please read it. This is one of the more insightful bits of writing that I’ve seen on Bush, and its relation to our upcoming election questions shouldn’t be ignored, regardless of what party you lean towards.

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