Supposed Bush National Guard Forgeries

One point of view I haven’t seen much of yet, either in the weblogs, or in the press, is the possibility that the Bush Administration actually forged the documents themselves, or knowingly released forgeries.

Think about this: One of the easiest ways to stop bad press about Bush’s lack of responsibility during his National Guard service, would be to discredit the detractors. Putting forgeries into the hands of CBS News/60 Minutes, and later discounting them would accomplish that goal quite nicely.

Have another look at Ben Barnes on getting Bush into the National Guard. Do we really need the documentation. What about all of the other National Guard people who never saw Bush? (Please leave a comment or send email if that link stops working, and I’ll put up a mirror.)

Having said that, I really would like to hear from the Bush Administration about the history of these documents. After all, it was them who released the documents in the first place, after the A.P. Freedom of Information Act suit, right? What about an independent investigation? What about a special prosecutor? There was no shortage of that when Clinton was President.

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