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Looks like the Al Franken Show weblog is coming online. People over there seem to be learning about comments, but they (rightly) don’t know what TrackBack or Permalink mean.

If you’re coming here from the Al Franken Show blog, here’s a quick explanation:

TrackBack is sort of like a comment, but the text comes from a post on another blog that’s linking to you, and the TrackBack page usually links back to the linking post.

A Permalink is a link to a specific blog post (as opposed to a link to the blog). Many blog systems will automatically make a TrackBack link (a.k.a. ping) if a post links to a permalink in another blog, so the features go together (though they don’t have to).

P.S. Alas, the Al Franken Show blog doesn’t seem to be configured correctly for TrackBack to work. Oh well. That feature is too hard to understand anyway.

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