Scott Rosenberg on the “three mistakes” question…

Scott writes:

“One last thought on that ‘three mistakes’ question that Bush ducked.

“This is a really basic, standard-issue job interview question that every job-hunting college graduate learns to deal with. (It’s a variant of the ‘Tell me about your weaknesses’ line of inquiry.) You know the interviewers want to hear something about how you deal with failure or criticism or learning from error. You need to show them that you are a little self-reflective. You’re obviously not going to reveal something that’s so damaging it disqualifies you from the job, and no one expects you to. But the very nature of the question is a test of tact and self-awareness.

“The one thing you know never to do is what Bush did tonight: You don’t rattle off a list of your successes when you’re asked about your mistakes. You don’t say, ‘Let’s not talk about where I was wrong — here’s where I was right.’ Say that and you flunk the test.”

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