Daily Show video: Birds of a Feather

This is one of the funniest segments ever on the Daily Show: Birds of a Feather is an exposé on gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo.

The segment starts out:

Dr. Dan Wharton of the Central Park Zoo: “We have penguins who have formed a very strong pair bond, and they are the same sex.”

Samantha Bee: “Gay penguins?”

Dr. Wharton: “It’s very, very common in all zoos, and again in nature to see homosexual behavior.

Samantha Bee: “Aah, just because it happens in nature, does not make it natural.”

[audience laughs]

Dr. Wharton: “Um, I think by definition, it actually does.”

It only gets funnier — seriously. Watch the video here. [4’39”, 11.3MB]

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