A new blog by an old friend

Looks like a very long-time friend of mine started a new blog, Threading the Needle, in November. I don’t know yet if he wants his name associated with the site, so for the moment I won’t out him, but for those of my friends who were at my wedding in September, you can probably guess who he is. Hint: He’s not me, and he’s also a newlywed.

Looks like he’s been busy writing since around then, and I for one am not surprised. I remember the tomes of material he produced on usenet dealing with legal minutiae surrounding the O. J. Simpson trial, in particular the Civil Rights aspects of the case.

Apparently his politics haven’t changed much, at least not at a fundamental level. (Neither has his tendency to be just a bit longwinded.) <wink/>

Check out the latest for a taste of things to come. The blog is great: Keep it up, man!

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