Aaron Burton

I finished a recording project tonight that was started in October of last year. Aaron Burton is an acoustic blues guitarist/singer here in Dallas, and I had an opportunity to record an hour-long performance last October at a benefit.

I’d already mixed one of the songs down, as part of a compliation CD that I did for the benefit, but hadn’t yet mixed the other 14 songs Aaron performed that night. Tonight I finished the mixing and mastering, and out the other end popped a 15-song, 47 minute CD.

Aaron seemed pretty happy with the results. (I am too.) It was an unexpected bonus for him, since he’d never done any real serious recording before, and had lucked into the fact that I’d recorded the benefit gig last October.

‘Can we hear some?’ you ask. Sure! Here’s a slide guitar track from the new CD. And how would you feel about some ice cream?


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