Nine Inch Nails Single in GarageBand Format

Now this is cool as shit!:

Harmony Central: Nine Inch Nails Single Released in GarageBand Format:

This is the actual multi-track audio session in GarageBand format sourced from the Pro Tools session file it was originally recorded into. The intention is to enable anyone to experiment freely with the track in an accessible format. A Read Me file from Trent Reznor is included which further explains this idea and provides technical notes.”

I hope this is only the beginning of a trend of releasing music in multi-track format that people can use to get a better understanding of how the music we hear all the time is put together.

ninPic.jpg: There are lots and lots of subtle things that go into making a radio-worthy song into what it is, and the more that the process gets demystified, the more great music will be produced by independent artists and studios.

The more independents get control over their sound and make quality products, the less dependent we’ll all be as consumers, on major record labels and their money-grubbery for our entertainment. And the more artists will be able to make their living (however meager) on doing their art.

What NiN did here is only a first step though. What’s in the GarageBand project file is tracks that have already had a lot done to them. You don’t get to hear much of what goes into designing the sounds and creating a real mix from scratch. At least you can hear what the puzzle pieces are at the point between the design process and the final mix though, and that’s a great first step… If you’re a Mac user.

More power to you, Trent!!!

PS: If you’re not a Mac user and you want to mess with the audio from this file, send me an email. If I get enough requests (and if their EULA allows it), I’ll try to put up a Tracktion project and a folder of raw audio that you can play with.

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