Podcasting For Fun And Profit

The link to Dallas Live Recording has been sitting on the sidebar of this site for some time, but I haven’t really said anything about it yet.

DLR is a mobile recording studio — a little moonlighting project I’ve been working on for some time. While I don’t expect it to pay the bills, it’s been a fun learning experience so far, and has at least paid for itself and the few hours I’ve been able to put into it outside of my day job. The podcast attached to this post is the last mix done by DLR (me) for Dead Man’s Hand, a local Dallas band.

Aside from the music itself, one of the more interesting aspects of this project has been getting a web presence together. Having a site was a first step. Taking out ads on Google AdWords and Overture was another, and one which I may write more about later. I’ve also done ads on some Dallas-local websites, which have been at least as fruitful.

But there’s a cutting-edge feature on the DLR website: It’s got an RSS feed for news, which among other things, is a podcast of recent sample music. As far as I know, it’s the first website of a recording studio that’s doing this. (Please post links to others if I’m wrong about this.)

I have yet to have anyone say that they’ve used DLR’s recording services because they’d found its podcast feed. But I can say that all of the work DLR has had to date has come from its online presence. (That’s basically its only presence aside from business cards I’ve handed out at jams.)

But I think it’s only a matter of time…

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