Honeymoon in Europe

amsterdamPicThumb.jpgCindy and I are leaving for Europe on Thursday for our honeymoon, and a much needed vacation it is. The last time I had a vacation that lasted more than a week was for X-mas and New Year’s, 18 months ago. Even when Cindy and I got married, we were gone less than a week, and most of that was wrapped up in planning the events of the wedding weekend, coordinating with family and friends, and catching a short breath before coming home.

I even can’t think of the last time I went for more than two days without checking email. Burning Man 1998, perhaps? (And even they have WiFi now.)

So on Thursday afternoon, we depart from DFW to Amsterdam via Memphis (of all places). We get to Amsterdam on Friday, in time for lunch, and right at the beginning of Queens Day weekend. An old friend there was gracious enough to arrange for an apartment on loan for a whole week!

It’s been 9 years since I left Amsterdam for San Francisco (via Milwaukee), and we’re going to have a blast checking out the sights, and popping in on all my memories. My 3.5 year adventure in Amsterdam was a real coming of age for me in a lot of ways, and I’m sure the memories will come flooding back being there again.

romePicThumb.jpgA week to the hour after we arrive in Amsterdam, we’re boarding a plane to Rome — somewhere Cindy and I have never been. We’re staying in a beautiful two bedroom apartment on the Via Cavour near the Colosseum. My mom will be joining us in Rome for a few days, though we’re still not sure how many.

We’ll certainly visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican, see aqueducts and beautiful fountains, and mucho art — probably both old and new, and of course the Colosseum itself. I think we may also make a day-trip to Pompeii, which my sister did when she was there earlier this year, and she said it was incredible.

I’m sure there’s too much to see in Rome in 8 days, but if you have any advice about other things that count as “must-see”, please do leave a comment.

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