TiVo Streaming with VLC 0.8.2

Tonight, while checking to see if there were any new updates to TiVo Tool, I stumbled across this thread on the DealDatabase Forums (where all serious TiVo hacking seems to get discussed), about the inclusion of a tystream demuxing module with VLC 0.8.2. Also linked on the thread is a module for streaming from TiVo to VLC.

Geek speak aside, what this means is that I can now stream shows from my TiVo straight to VLC player on my Mac. Coolio!

The trick for me was to figure out what invocation to use under the File -> Open Network command. After following the instructions on the DealDatabase thread, choose Open Network from the File menu, and enter tivo:// into the first field in the dialog. (You have to replace the IP address with the IP or host name of your TiVo unit.)

Then open VLC’s playlist, and double-click the show you want to watch. Easy as that.

If you have trouble downloading the tystream and vserver modules for VLC, post a comment, and I’ll hook you up.

Happy streaming!

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  1. Steve Kirks said:

    I need to talk to you offline about your TiVo mods. I’ve got a Series 1 Sony with a lifetime subscription and a 120GB HD. It’s time I started to archive programs on my Mac…

    October 13, 2005

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