OutragedModerates.org Obtains 9/11 Rumsfeld Notes

Read the story for yourself:

“The released notes document Donald Rumsfeld’s 2:40 PM instructions to General Myers to find the ‘[b]est info fast . . . judge whether good enough [to] hit S.H. [Saddam Hussein] at same time – not only UBL [Usama Bin Laden]’ (as discussed on p. 334-335 of The 9/11 Commission Report and in Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack).

“In addition, the documents confirm the contents of CBS News’ Sept. 4, 2002 report “Plans For Iraq Attack Began on 9/11,” which quoted Rumsfeld’s notes as stating: ‘Go massive . . . Sweep it all up. Things related and not.’ These lines were not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report or Woodward’s Plan of Attack, and to my knowledge, have not been independently confirmed by any other source.”

Bloggers and primary sources make a formidable combination. This kind of post gives me hope for our democracy, despite witnessing the last five years of dwindling civil liberties, increased instability, and near-complete government denial of blame.

Let’s hope that the Bush Administration doesn’t decide that letting individual people use The Freedom of Information Act is a loophole, and try to restrict its use to big media, corporations and law firms. They probably have the Supreme Court they need to make this happen under the auspices of ‘National Security’.

(And ‘Security’ under this administration, national or otherwise, is a crock and a joke: Read the Katrina Commission Report & appendices, for an idea of why I say this.)

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