Pictures of the Wind Disaster in Woodinville

WindStorm-sm.jpg: As promised, here are a bunch of pictures taken with my camera-phone on Friday morning, after the wind storm Thursday.

I’m at work, so I have a bit of bandwidth, and a chance to try out the photo gallery tools on — simple but they work well for my purposes.

Fastmail seems to be a really nice service for the money — 2GB of mail and file storage w/IMAP, POP and web support for $25/year $40/year. They also handle custom domain mappings and some facny filtering features, and sub-accounts for multi-user domains. I was impressed enough that I switched from Runbox, which is getting slower and slower with the passage of time…

Anyway, the power is still out at the house, and will be for at least a few more days. It’s not clear that it’ll be back on by Christmas…

So we decided to go to Vancouver, BC at least till Sunday.

With a little luck I’ll be able to tell over the Internet when the power comes back on, since my computer will wake up when it does. Just have to figure out what it’s talking to online that will give ome indication that it’s awake, from a remote location…

Or I could just call the house and see if the answering machine picks up.

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