Testing Diarist 2.1

So I just went and looked again after a couple of months, and (re)ran across Diarist for Windows Mobile, now at version 2.1. It’s a free weblog editor for Windows Mobile, with support for the now nearly ubiquitous MetaWeblog API.

I’d tried it once before, but wasn’t able to connet to my blog, I think because Manila didn’t implement getUsersBlogs. With that fixed (because I’d wanted to use ecto on the Mac — a great, albeit slightly clunky blog editor, by the way), Diarist now seems to be working with my site. If you see this, then it is anyway. “;->”

Even better, v2.1 has support for newMediaObject for posting pictures. I’ll try that another time…

Now let’s see if this will work… 3, 2, 1…

Update: That totally worked. Way cool! It’s not wizzy or anything fancy, and it’s a real shame you can’t edit past posts, but for a simple little mobile blogging tool, it’s looking quite capable. More soon.

Update: Posting an image totally worked too. If only Diarist could retrieve posts from the server, instead of haing to edit locally cached copies. And a little better category UI wouldn’t hurt either. “;->”

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