The Best Beatles Book Ever?

Tonight, my frind David took me to downtown Seattle to hear Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew speak about their book, Recording The Beatles, and the roughly 10 years (!) of research that went into it.

These guys are working audio engineers and producers, who wanted to write the book they themselves had always wanted, about how The Beatles had gotten the sounds that they’d captured — on primitive 2- & 4-track machines, no less. That launched them into a 10 year adventure, first separately, and later as collaborators, in what has to be the most thoroughly researched book about The Beatles recordings (or perhaps anyone’s) ever made.

Despite their backgrounds, Kevin and Brian are very down-to-earth, and know how to speak without going over the heads of their audience. The book is also written with both the technical, and non-technical in mind.

This one is definitely going onto my wish-list.

Now let’s see if I can get Diarist to post the picture I took tonight, as part of this post…

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