Update on the Future of UserLand

manilabox.gif: Over the last few weeks, Dave Winer and I have been working to figure out what the future will be for UserLand’s software and web presence, with the goal of preserving the historical record, and making sure that the technology and software built by UserLand can survive into the future.

Today Dave posted a summary of the plan on Scripting News.

In short, we’re going to make sure that the Radio blogs find a home where they can continue to be read, indexed by search engines, and preserved for posterity. We will also make sure that the docs and info that UserLand hosted will continue to be available.

Perhaps the most interesting thing for me is that Radio and Manila will be going open source. I hope that this means that they will continue to be developed and improved by the still vibrant Frontier/Radio/Manila communities.

There are certainly more details to work out, like what happens to the userland.com domain for example, but this is a great start.

I want to publicly thank Dave Winer for helping to preserve this important historical content and software. I also want to thank Brent Simmons for sharing his thoughts with me over the last few weeks.

To quote Dave: “Dig We Must!

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