What would an RSS Syncpocalypse mean for bloggers?

Just a quick note here: Brent Simmons made some good points yesterday regarding the potential shut-down of Google Reader. If indeed they were to shut it down, a planned, clean ending would definitely be preferred to a gradual decline into disrepair. Better for users, and better for Google.

But either way, one part of what a Reader shut-down would mean is a big decline in blog traffic for many folks, especially in the tech/geek community.

Over the last 24 hours, over 40% of the referred traffic coming to my blog is from Google Reader. Of the other 60%, it’s a mix of referrals from inessential.com and other blogs, Google searches, and links from Twitter. I get very few direct hits (i.e. not coming from a link somewhere else).

While I don’t run any ads here, if I were then a 40% decline in traffic would also mean a 40% decline in ad revenue.

Just saying…

Ps. I’m going to call it RSS Syncpocalypse – concatenating "sync" and "apocalypse".

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