Cutting the Cord Saves Almost $200/month

Canceled Comcast cable and premium channels: -$130/mo
Canceled Comcast home phone: -$55/mo
Canceled TiVo subscription: -$14/mo
Saved: $199/month

Signed up for Ooma basic phone service: $4.66/mo
Signed up for Hulu+: $7.99/mo
New costs: $12.65/mo (less than TiVo alone)

Total Savings: $186.35

Farewell, Comcast Cable. We won’t miss you.

Ps. It was harder to disconnect TiVo than Comcast. Their retention people offered me $10/mo and then $7/mo. They pretended not to understand when I explained that the service has almost no value for me without cable, and even suggested I get an HD over-the-air antenna. I had to actually yell at them to get them to turn us off.


  1. Pete said:

    Dang! We were just talking about doing the same thing. But I must watch THRONES!

    April 11, 2013
  2. Jake Savin said:

    Well, you can always find a friend who watches and have yourself a weekly party at their house.

    April 11, 2013

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