Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

Today, sites all over the Web are making a statement by

“[covering] the web with symbolic ‘loading’ icons, to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers.”

Obviously if you’re reading this, you see that I’m participating. You can too.

Go here:

There are super-simple instructions there (scroll down) for adding a modal or banner to your site, to show your support. The modal like the one you saw here is best because visitors to your site can very easily add their names to the letter for congress, and also get connected to their representative by phone–without even having to dial. Either way all it takes is a few lines of HTML code in your site’s <head> element.

The Web and indeed the Internet as we know it today wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for equal access to bandwidth without the throttling and corporate favoritism that the big ISPs and carriers are lobbying for. Without Net Neutrality, we will be forced to pay more for services we love, and miss out on continued incredible innovation that’s only possible if new and small players have the same access to Internet bandwidth as the BigCo’s.

Please help!

Ps. If you need a spinner (gif or png), check out SpiffyGif.

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