Manila menu in Mozilla

I’ve been working on creating a Manila menu for Mozilla/Netscape.

It lives in the application’s menubar. Here’s a screenshot:

Mozilla Manila Menu: A Manila menu in Mozilla

I have some things I don’t understand:

  • I see how the commands work. I can get the menu to load a page into the browser, but only if I use the full URL in the form of, but I don’t see how to use a relative URL in the form /admin/sitePrefs. It tries to load the page from the components directory.
  • I don’t know how to get a remote site to install, modify, or remove the menu. Is this possible to do with JavaScript? Do I have to add some code in the client’s installation of Mozilla to allow this to happen? I could imagine that I might, due to security concerns, but I want to aviod it if possible.
  • Where do I find documentation on how the application menu bar fits into the Mozilla object model?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I dig further, but for the moment, these are the main ones. Anyone have ideas?

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