Out with Dave Reeder at the Paradise

Dave Reeder and I went out to the Paradise Lounge tonight. It was surf night.

Flyer of Bands at the Paradise:

Dave and I had no idea who we were about to see. We asked the doorman what kind of music, and he was vague, but he did say that the first band had characterized themselves as clown rock.


Dave described the xylophonist as a percussion geek because he looked a little goofy, and he had great technique. Dave fits that description as well. (I’m speaking of percussion y’all.)

We decided the band was a little too goofy, so we went upstairs to see what Joel Bailey’s Project looked like.

The bassist was playing some really interesting stuff when we first got there. Really melodic, and right on the money with the rhythm. Later on it broke down a little bit. It seemed as if they were grooming a new drummer, though he was also holding up admirably.

Joel Bailey:
Joel Bailey’s Project

We went back downstairs to see the second-stage-act after Ape had finished. They opened with just guitar and vocals doing the Kinks’ Ape Man, but ended as a full-on 60’s psychedelic act, with more than a touch of sarcasm…

The Muskrats

The headline act was vintage surf music. I was nonplussed. They were solid, but not nearly flashy enough to own up to the real surf guys. It had its moments, but for the most part, I’d rather pass… So we did.

Jumbo Shrimp:
Jumbo Shrimp

We decided to go back upstairs. There was a pair of couples in the corner, and the two dudes were really drunk. Their girlfriends had finally convinced them to go, but they weren’t capable. One of them fell on the monitor speaker on the floor in front of the stage, and after they picked him up, the other guy spent the next five minutes weaving himself between the chairs and tables to get to the stairs.

One of the girlfriends gave the band a tip, and the singer decided to wear it on his forehead.

Dollar Bill Head:
Joel Bailey with a Dollar

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