Wednesday, January 12, 2000

  • The PacBell guys came today and hooked up my DSL line. Woah Dude! Five full-time static IPs. I’m stoked!
  • FYI, Jeff Cheney had dinner with me, Sally, Brad Rowe (now former guitarrist for Soul Detour), and a couple of other friends at our house, and we sat on our couches.
  • I find myself in the position of Frontier
    Advocate. Hmmm, I seem to remember numerous threads on the various Frontier mailing lists asking for help with Frontier website management advocacy. I have a sudden sense of Deja Vous…
  • What were the meetings about, you ask? Jeff Cheney, Paul Forrester and the production staff at Mac Publishing had a meeting today to discuss what is working and what’s not. Taking for granted that I’m a MacPub newbie, I understand that people think it was a positive meeting. (I agree)
  • Ok, so I didn’t do any updates yesterday. I was in meetings all day about where the Mac Publishing stes are going…



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