5/3/2001; 2:45:33 AM

CNET: Microsoft raps open-source approach. “The company steps up its battle against the open-source software movement as one of its chief strategists compares the movement to business practices that helped sink hundreds of dot-coms.”
2:28:52 PM  

CNET: Live TV on cell phones. “Three European telephone service providers are testing a way to stream live TV events including horse races and financial news updates to cell phones.” Um, wait a minute: don’t we already have portable TVs?
2:27:49 PM  

CloseTheLoop.Weblogs.Com has moved to their very own server.
2:47:16 AM  

Scripting News: “Dan found the old Netscape RSS 0.91 spec, with his comments from 1999, explaining their philosophy for RSS…”
2:45:33 AM  

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