5/16/2001; 1:38:46 PM

CNN: Human error blamed for runaway train.
11:45:37 PM  

I don’t know why this just occurred to me, but my former landlord, now a Java programmer at IBM, used to work as a programmer at NASA. He wrote the warning system for Space Shuttle, which alerts the crew if anything goes wrong. It prioritizes warnings based on how severe the failure is. When the Challenger‘s booster rocket exploded in January, 1986, he was already at IBM. Shortly after the disaster, an engineer at NASA called him to tell him not to worry, “there’s nothing wrong with your code — they knew what was happening.” Kind of brings a new meaning to the idea of writing bug-free code…
1:45:57 PM  

CNET: CNET Tech News: Will Fed’s fifth cut cure the tech sector?. “If history is any indicator, the Federal Reserve’s fifth interest-rate cut this year might be just the tonic for the ailing markets, tech stocks included.”
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jfleck: My Lunch at Eazel. (via Duncan Mak, a former Eazel employee)
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