7/7/2001; 3:14:57 PM

Eric Soros’ Wiredfool is now running on Frontier for MacOS X.
10:09:51 PM  

Stan Krute: “I need a fast little outline editor that can talk OPML
and text (where tabs indicate outline levels) and other formats. I
would love to have the time to write one from scratch, but haha
i yam the man wit no time, so I looked for existing stuff, and found several, one especially that I like a bunch so far [24 hours in]: Java Outline Editor.”

I browsed around the SourceForge pages for Java Outline Editor, and found that support for OPML was added in v1.2, released 5/5/2001.
9:37:10 PM  

AP: Attorney Barry Levin Found Dead. “High-profile criminal attorney Barry Levin, who helped handle Erik Menendez’s murder defense and more recently represented actor Robert Blake, was found dead Saturday of a single gunshot wound to the head at a veterans cemetery…”
8:17:50 PM  

Nando (AP): U.S. rejects bill from China for keeping Navy plane. “The United States has no plans to pay a $1 million bill China has submitted for the three months a Navy reconnaissance plane spent on Chinese soil…”
3:21:21 PM  

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Plutonium Contest. “So you want to design a facility where all the world’s plutonium can be safely stored for all eternity (or 24,000 years, whichever comes first)? Where tourists can visit and acknowledge the folly of creating as much explosive plutonium as humanly possible? Something that’s beautiful and grand and awe inspiring? And you want to win cash and prizes, too?”
3:17:52 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: aright.
3:14:57 PM  

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