7/14/2001; 12:31:45 AM

Nicholas Riley: WebDAV filewriter for Frontier 1.0a1. “This plugin allows Frontier‘s Website Framework and Manila static rendering to output via WebDAV. It contains limited support for WebDAV as specified by RFC 2518. It supports the PUT and MKCOL methods, and authenticates via basic HTTP authentication…”
11:32:01 PM  

Brent: “I’d wake up at night when AutoBoot kicked in and restarted it after a crash. The Mac startup chimes would wake me up. Then Sheila would say: wake up, the baby’s crying.”
4:25:44 PM  

Ananova: World: Prints reveal dinosaurs may have hunted in packs. “There are three sets of deep, clear Allosaurus prints crossing one another. It’s the first evidence found in Africa to contradict the belief dinosaurs were solitary beasts.”
4:24:28 PM  

Adam Curry: “Just found out that Jake played on the same bill with Herman Brood in 1995 at PaasPop. In fact, turns out Jake speaks Dutch!” Well that may be a bit of an exaggeration, Adam. ;->
4:21:41 PM  

CNEWS: Cow falls on man. Don’t worry: the cow wasn’t hurt.
4:18:40 PM  

Adam Curry: “RIP Herman Brood.”

I played on the same bill with Herman Brood and his Wild Romance on Easter weekend in 1995. We were surprised to have gotten top-billing for that event… Paaspop… described by our manager as “5,000 drunken farmers throwing hay at each other…”

They certainly were drunk, and they were throwing hay at each other, but who could tell they were farmers?

To Herman: I’m sad to discover that you’ve left us, but I think they were right to have put us at the top of the bill in ’95, even if they were a bunch of drunken farmers throwing hay at each other. ;->
1:22:52 AM  

A pair of interesting Salon pieces about Condit:

Joan Walsh: Condit’s Democratic enablers. Here are some tidbits:

“Democrats should have been calling on Condit from Day 1 to come clean about his relationship with Levy. The fact that he only recently told police they were lovers means law enforcement officials lost critical weeks in trying to understand Levy’s frame of mind at the time she disappeared…

“Politicians live in a parallel universe where rules are broken without consequences, and arrogance crosses party lines. Certainly Democrats have no corner on womanizing… But Democrats do seem to have a slight edge on Republicans when it comes to stupidity about their womanizing, and what to do once they get caught…

“Sacramento under Brown was a sexual free-fire zone, with legislators openly partying with staffers and putting their mistresses on payrolls. Of all the places I’ve worked, it was the absolute creepiest for women… It was one big frat party, and Condit was a nightlife-loving party boy… [whose] nickname was Gary Condom…”

Joshua Marshall: ABC’s messy role in Condit affair:

“The network now says one of its reporters… claims she never met with Condit the day he claims they did, the day Chandra Levy most likely disappeared.

“One of ABC’s reporters had met with Condit about an unrelated matter on the day after Levy’s disappearance, May 2. But the timeline provided to ABC News appeared to say that this meeting had occurred on May 1 — the very day Levy went missing…

“In a strictly factual sense, a source in the congressman’s office had provided them with an alibi for his whereabouts… [ABC News producers] had no way of knowing whether this was an intentional deception or simply an innocent error. Nor could they be certain that the timeline they were given was the same one that had been given to the police…

“Was Condit trying to juggle his itinerary to create an alibi? And just what was Gary Condit doing between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on May 1?”

12:31:45 AM  

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