7/21/2001; 12:17:58 AM

An after-midnight quote about .NET, from Joel… Joel posted an atricle on July 22nd, 2000, Micorosft Goes Bonkers, and got a bunch of feedback from readers, so he added a couple of paragraphs of postscript. Here’s an excerpt:

“Since this article originally appeared a lot of people have written in to say that they have the .NET SDK! It’s not vapor! It’s ‘real!’

“Well, uh, yeah. What’s in it? There’s SOAP, a technology basically invented by Dave Winer based on XmlRpc, which I personally baked into the Juno signup process about two years ago. Microsoft is a little late to that ballgame. There’s a programming language, C#, which is just Microsoft’s way of saying that if they can’t take over Java, dammit, they’re going home and playing with their own toys… If Microsoft’s marketing wasn’t working in overdrive, we’d have all this stuff anyway, and nobody would be pretending that it’s some kind of computer Nirvana on the horizon.”

If you haven’t yet read Joel’s postscript or the email he posted from an anonymous Microsoft insider, check it out. Go here and scroll to the bottom. (Joel, where are your permalinks?) ;->
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