7/22/2001; 2:28:26 PM

The Giants just suffered another crushing defeat to the Diamondbacks. They lost 12 to 4, with three of the four Giants runs being solo homers (none by Bonds). Now they’re down 5 1/2 games, and headed for Denver.
4:02:23 PM  

With all the warnings over the last few days about viruses and worms, spreading across the Internet via Windows security holes, I can’t help but think that there’s something ironic about this.
3:57:48 PM  

Jeff: “HELP! I’m stranded in Kansas…”
2:43:35 PM  

CNN: Journey from ‘doormat wife’ to journalistic icon. “From ‘doormat wife’ to legendary Washington Post publisher, from Georgetown matron to first female head of a Fortune 500 business, from shy retiring woman to friend of presidents and celebrities, Katharine Graham covered a lot of ground during her 84 years.”
2:42:21 PM  

CNEWS: Lawmaker pees in trash?. “City Hall is in a furor after a female member of the Board of Aldermen apparently urinated in a waste basket rather than yield the floor during a filibuster.” You go, girl!
2:40:19 PM  

Derek Powazek has some webby photos.
2:32:53 PM  

CNN: Solar sail spacecraft crashes after launch. “The prototype of a spacecraft built to coast on solar winds crashed shortly after its launch…” Bummer.
2:30:45 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: cohort.
2:28:26 PM  

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